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Abubaker Muzira, Uganda

Abubaker envisions building youth capacity for sustainable agriculture in the Mukono District in Central Uganda. He currently works to fulfill this vision through his work as Programs Officer in charge of research at the Uganda Environmental Education Foundation (UEEF). UEEF works with schools, farmers, local governments, and other NGOs on a number of research projects that contribute substantially to major policy decisions made by the country regarding environmental protection. Abubaker’s efforts have led to progress in the areas of environmental education, proper sanitation and forest conservation. However, his true passion is in responsible agriculture. Since agriculture is the main source of income for many local Ugandan families, Abubaker believes that a sustainable development path means working with the land in a way that preserves it for many generations. 

Abubaker is hard-working, responsible and committed to conservational work in Uganda – three characteristics that make him a great young environmental leader. He will use the opportunity afforded to him by the JWH Initiative grant to participate in a Master’s program studying environment and natural resource sciences at Makerere University in Kampala. The Master’s courses will introduce him to tools like Environmental Impact Assessment, as well as concepts that encompass environmental and development issues, project monitoring, conservation planning and proper research practices. He expects to share the knowledge he gains with other local youth, hoping that getting the information from a peer will make the topics especially gripping. Utlimately, Abubaker would like to inspire individuals to join him in becoming actors of change and cooperatively engage in environmental preservation in Uganda. 

Nominated by

Ssenyonjo Nicholas: Uganda Environmental Education Foundation (UEEF) .