grantees » Adessou Kossivi Nevaeme

Adessou  Kossivi Nevaeme, Togo

Kossivi has been at the core of the struggle in Togo for sustainable development at the grassroots level as the Regional Coordinator/Project Manager for Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement (JVE). Since JVE’s beginnings in 2001, he has been a tireless volunteer offering his time and energy to helping youth and marginalized populations participate in protecting their environment. He has led the NGO’s programs on youth environmental education and served as its youth representative in several domains. Kossivi is committed to finding bottom-up solutions to persistent environmental problems and is convinced that the young population is the most powerful actor in ensuring sustainable development.

Kossivi has used his JWH Initiative grant to finish his dissertation at the University of Lomé which granted him a diploma in literature. Kossivi also participated in an e-learning course on “Environment, International Law, and Multilateral Diplomacy” through the organization UNITAR. Kossivi says this course has taught him about international environmental law and negotiations regarding climate change and the Kyoto Protocol. Furthermore, Kossivi volunteered in Mozambique with the organization FEDESMO in order to gain practical experience with project management and implementation. He also improved his personal qualities such as his “flexibility, capacity to listen” and “being tolerant”, qualities which will help him “to work in (a) multicultural environment”.

While having improved his theoretical knowledge and experience in environmental activities, Kossivi is still motivated to learn after finishing his activities. He plans to follow more courses at his university and to inspire the young populations towards improving the environment. Such motivation is to be expected from Kossivi, who advices for us to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Nominated by

Dodzi KAMETI-ATI Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement Togo.