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Afika Ndlela, South Africa

Tell us about yourself: My name is Afika Ndlela, I am from Cape Town South Africa. I studied a BSc in Environmental and Water Sciences for my undergraduate studies and a BSc Honors in Environmental Management for postgrad, which I am currently busy with. I am currently working at a NGO called Environmental Monitoring Group which believes that fairness and justice must be at the heart of any effort to conserve and protect the natural environment, which sustains life on Earth. The organisation aims to facilitate processes that lead to healthier, more respectful relationships with each other and the environment. My contribution in climate change and environment protection is with the work I do with youth in high schools and in the local communities around environmental education and raising awareness on lived experiences. Through this work we get to share and learn from each other, identify solutions adaptable to our lifestyles in respect to the water and climate change crisis we are faced with. I am passionate about improving my effectiveness in the water and environmental management sector and promoting sustainable livelihoods so as to make a profound impact at local communities.

What did you do with the JWH grant? With the JWH grant I have successfully to register and pay for tuition for my honors studies at the University of South Africa. My honors studies has a research project, which the grant has enabled me to use for my data collection and analysis. I have managed to register with The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions. The grant has also afforded me with an opportunity to attend the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) Water Catchment Training and Leadership courses.

What has the leadership development program brought you? The grant has helped me develop a skill in research writing and reporting as this is part of my postgrad studies. I am yet to make new connections with likeminded individuals and organisations during the training courses. I also hope the grant will afford me an opportunity to attend conferences around water and climate change issues so as to equip with the skill of negotiating, advocacy and networking.

What is your dream? My dream is to live in a society that lives in harmony with the environment. I wish to be one of the people that stringy advocates for such a lifestyle. I want to be one of the environmental and conservationists advocates in our society.