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Akosita Rokomate, Fiji

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH initiative.

Ako’s interest in conservation began during her years at university, where she was introduced to concepts like biodiversity, traditional environmental knowledge, and community-based integrated management. At the age of 21, she co-founded the Econesian Society, an organization that promotes responsible environmental practices and conservation awareness. Ako has worked closely with indigenous communities in Fiji, and in 2011 was awarded the Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship, which helped propel forward the conservation projects she led. Her efforts have raised awareness among key communities and fishermen in a region situated along an important barrier reef system in North Fiji. This increased community awareness, along with her work in marine monitoring methods, is helping to preserve the fragile ecosystems of the area.

Ako is now Programme Coordinator for the Fiji and South Pacific Islands Programme for Community Centred Conservation (C3). A reflection of C3’s vision and mission, Ako’s achievements and work to date depicts a true understanding and appreciation for the role of primary resource users at the grassroots level in conservation.

The JWH Initiative support will be used to fund Ako’s participation in a variety of courses aimed at professional growth. She will learn about topics including project management, web design, social media development, and NGO management, all intended to help her expand and manage a marine conservation program in Fiji. Throughout the training period, Akosita will continue in her role as Programme Coordinator of C3 Fiji and South Pacific Island Programme, ensuring that her new skills are directly applied to significant projects.

Nominated by

Patricia Davis:  Community Centred Conservation (C3):  UK.