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Ana Parellada, Argentina

Tell us about yourself: My name is Ana Parellada, from Argentina. I am a lawyer, specializing in environmental law. Currently, I work at the Argentinian NGO Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN), where I assist in the Biodiversity Area by carrying out tasks such as desk research, preparation of administrative and legal documents, organization and facilitation of meetings and workshops, among others. I also collaborate in the Legal Clinic Area, where I provide advice in environmental law to individuals, groups and communities that face a diversity of socio-environmental problematics and require such kind of specialized support, but cannot afford a lawyer. Tasks include submitting formal requests for public information to different authorities, complaints, Amicus Curiae -Friends of the Court- presentations, as well as administrative submissions and writs of amparo, among others. I am motivated by increasing my knowledge on the matter and trying to improve the lives of communities that are dealing with environmental problems.

What did you do with the JWH grant? The grant supported me to complete my specialization studies in environmental law and carried out my thesis work. In order to prepare my thesis, I took courses on research methodology and project management, which enhanced my skills towards the thesis as well as the management of some projects at FARN. Moreover, I could improve my command of English by attending a yearly course and conversation sessions.

What has the leadership development plan brought you? The specialization on environmental law allowed me to delve into the different legal aspects related to the protection of the environment. Not only is it a tool for my work at FARN, but also for another one in a future where I will be able to defend and fully implement environmental rights. Second, taking courses in thesis preparation and project management, add some skills for my professional development related to investigation research and how to plan, manage and execute a diverse range of projects, helping me to apply it in my current work at FARN. Finally, attending English lessons and conversation sessions permits me to continue improving my language skills and to be able to exchange experiences and knowledge on approaches to environmental problems with people of different nationalities.

What is your dream? My dream is to continue my training in environmental law in order to help communities that face environmental problems and require legal assistance to prevent negative impacts that may be caused in their territory. At the same time, I hope that countries seriously begin to take the necessary and effective measures so that, in view of the prevailing health, ecological and climate crisis, we can live in a more sustainable, fair and inclusive society