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Archieford Chemhere, Zimbabwe

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH initiative. This profile will be completed once the grantee has finalised their activities.

Archieford Chemhere has been extensively involved in the environmental development movement in his country, Zimbabwe. He is presently working in Action 24, a youth organization whose purpose is to connect different youths at different levels of society. Archieford implements his leadership skills in managing and proposing projects and organizing workshops. His commitment to working for a sustainable environment is very strong; Archieford was responsible for starting the “Green Valentine Celebration”. He managed to mobilize school children in Mvurwi district, home to a rural community, in planting more than 1000 trees as a way to celebrate the day. Impressed by the initiative, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management has adopted the event in 2013 to be commemorated yearly on Valentine’s Day.

Archieford possesses the motivation and commitment of an environmental leader, and now he wishes to posses the academic knowledge of a leader as well. He intends to use his JWH Initiative grant in order to complete a two year Post Graduate Degree (Msc) in Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resources Management being offered by a local university, the Bindura University of Science Education. His grant will support the research needed for his thesis, titled “An exploration of causes of natural resources management crisis in the diamond rich area of Zimbabwe: (a) Case study of (the) Marange District”. His degree will let him improve his judgment of environmental concerns and his ability to provide innovative solutions that addresses the natural resources management crisis facing the country.  

Nominated by

Lewis Makurumure Action 24 Zimbabwe.