grantees » Aryampa Brighton

Aryampa Brighton, Uganda

Tell us about yourself: I am a lawyer with honors degree of Bachelor of laws at Uganda Christian University. Currently, I’m working with Youth for Green Communities (YGC) as the Chief Executive Officer. YGC is a youth-led Organization committed to influence better environment and natural resource governance to benefit the youth, women, poor, other vulnerable groups and mitigate adverse climate change impacts in respect of human rights. I am passionate about Environmental conservation and climate activism and enjoy this passion to encourage more young people to know more about the same, speak and write about it so that they can easily find solutions. My goal is to have a world of clean energy with less or no emissions, and this is a goal that can be achieved by a united young force. I define justice when there is respect for environment, climate, clean energy, community development and human rights.

What did you do with the JWH grant? JWH supported me to undertake a course in environmental law and policy which is still undergoing. The same grant under JWH helped me to start and register a youth-led organization which I am correctly serving as its Chief Executive Officer. The Organization since it’s formation has been instrumental in legal empowerment, community development and building as well as environmental training and campaigns in oil affected communities and other areas in Uganda. We have joined forces with other CSOs to protect natural resources like Bugoma, Zoka and other forests, lakes, rivers, national parks, advocate for the rights of local communities that are often infringed on and empowered youth to take action to protect their planet for the present and future generation. We are doing everything to make institutions work in accordance with the law.

What has the leadership development program brought you? The grant has enabled me to develop an understanding of what environmental issues are happening in my community and globally, learn how to lead and build capacity to use the levers of power to create change. Through JWH support, I have been able to improve my leadership, research, writing and analytical skills which have been vital in influencing good policies in Uganda through undertaking research, articles and other advocacy materials YGC and I have engaged in.

What is your dream? My dream is to have young people develop their communities and advocate for policies to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation that continue to have a cumulative effect, not to bear much of the burden of these challenges, despite not having contributed to them nor having had the opportunity to advocate against them. I want to see young people believe in themselves, believe that we are important, join movements, stand up and take action now against environmental crimes and fight the crisis of climate change. Today is the time to remind our governments to treat the life of the present and future generation serious, they are currently caught in daily routines, they are caught up in short term profits and we should make them look at the future.