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Chunhua  Li, China

Only 25 years old, Chunhua is already an inspiring environmental leader originally from Tianjin, China. After graduating with a major in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she joined the Green Stone Environmental Action Network as a volunteer, and rose quickly through the ranks. Today, she is the Director General. Green Stone started as a networking platform to encourage collaborations in the Jiangsu province, and today they take a more active role in lobbying and educating about pollution and resource management. Chunhua’s role is to coach the staff, and help design, carry out and monitor projects. She is proud to be able to “continue to transfer the positive energy to a lot of young people in my work, and to encourage and help them to pursue their dreams.”

In 2011, with the help of the JWH initiative, she completed an internship with Green Kunming, as well as an exchange visit with the Blue Foundation in Japan. She followed a financial management course, numerous leadership workshops and a LIFO management course, which is for coaches to teach trainees to play to their strengths. Chunhua also actively created and promoted an awareness campaign to help reduce the pollution which permeates the supply chain of Apple computers. As a result of her development under the JWH initiative, Chunhua is now more effective at managing the volunteers, finances, and rallying public support. “I learnt more about myself, and now I can do more specifically targeted advocacy in the future”. Chunhua is forever a team player and together with Green Stone, her guiding principle is to “improve Jiangsu’s environment through public participation and inter-organizational coordination.” Chunhua’s plan for the future is to continue her work in the field of sustainability, and she dreams of founding an NGO explicitly focused on the capacity-building of young people in the field of sustainability.