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Claudia Munera, Colombia

Since her graduation as biologist, Claudia has been extensively involved in the conservation and sustainability sector in Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. She currently works for the Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt (IAvH) as a researcher. IAvH conducts scientific research on biodiversity, including hydro-biologic and genetic resources.  Motivated to learn more about the social and economic aspects behind conservation, Claudia also volunteers for the “Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy” (CASSE). Her strong work ethic is explained by her nominator, who states that “Claudia is clearly a highly motivated and responsible person, with a deep interest in conservation issues including the economics of biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing.”

A constant challenge for any conservationist, as Claudia remarks, is to understand and respect the cultural, economic and social backgrounds of a given community. To effectively face this challenge, Claudia used her JWH Initiative grant to finance the courses, field work and writing required for her thesis to acquire a “Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development” in Italy. Her task was to apply a framework for sustainable development in rural indigenous communities in the Nicaraguan Rio San Juan Biosphere Reserve. Claudia also broadened her horizon to include cultural subjects connected to development, and the inclusion of local communities in sustainable development projects.

“I am dreamer, and my dream is to live in a world that is environmental and socially inclusive, where people understand nature and our society lives inside its ecological limits and realities.”

Optimistic about the future, Claudia has also learned to mix this with a firmly realist attitude concerning the need for economic growth through CASSE as a base for the development of conservation and sustainability policies. Claudia’s optimism, strong attitude and increased competence as a conservationist will surely propel her into accomplishing her dream.

Nominated by

Brian Czech:  Center for the Advancement for the Steady State Economy (CASSE):  USA.