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Davy  Wohary, Ivory Coast

Davy is a young man that is aware of the value of hard work. In 2008, Davy requested to work as a volunteer at Action en Faveur de l’homme et de Nature (AFHON) in Togo. AFHON was founded in 2008 in order to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people through sustainable human development. However, Davy was asked instead to begin a new initiative in his home country of the Ivory Coast. Determined to accept the challenge, Davy built AFHON-Ivory Coast from the ground up. Within a year he was able to coordinate key environmental activists and institutes in the NGO which focuses on key themes like climate change, environmental education, agriculture, and gender equality.

Contributing to AFHON and his society are two things Davy is truly passionate about. Davy decided to improve on this by calling upon the assistance of the JWH initiative in 2012 which led to Davy following an internship at AFHON-Togo. The internship provided him with useful information on designing projects in the Ivory Coast to meet international standards and the needs of his community. Furthermore, the internship encouraged him to think critically about concepts of gender and sustainability. Davy has learned that “women are an essential link in the development process”. Afterwards, Davy began English classes as well as a training course in environmental management at the Centre de Recherche et D’Action pour la Paix (CERAP).

Since finishing his courses, Davy has been increasingly able to encourage young people to engage in the environment and to create green jobs. Moreover, Davy remarks that “all  three courses have helped me become a young leader who is dedicated to providing a fair, social approach and integrated solutions on climate change and sustainable development”.