grantees » Delia Carina Medina

Delia Carina Medina, Argentina

Carina is one of the founding members of the organization M’Biguá in Parana, Argentina, whose objective is to create initiatives for sustainable societies. Since 2006 she has been the backbone of the organization holding both administrative and accounting functions. At the same time, she has been working as part of the team on different topics of sustainable development, with the most important being the protection and conservation of natural resources. As her nominator pointed out, “Carina is a promising leader. She is very dedicated to the area of wetlands and water management within the organization.”


Carina used the JWH initiative grant to take English courses. Her main objective was to master the English language in order to strengthen the communication between M’Bigua and other organizations around the world, therefore expanding its field of action. Another highlight of this grant, according to Carina, was the possibility to extend the benefit she received and push her colleagues and peers as well as members of sister organizations to improve their English capacities which will result in the strengthening of institutional relations. With the JWH initiative funding she purchased study materials and assembled a small library in the foundation that members can use to improve their English skills. At a personal level, Carina said that the experience of learning a second language was entirely positive and contributed to her personal growth, expanded her activities within the organization and improved the quality of her work. Apart from her administrative role in M’Biguá, she is currently part of the team that is working on the wetlands system, and the team that is campaigning against hydroelectric dams. Carina wants to share and learn from the experience of other grantees, because “the exchange of knowledge helps to incorporate new ideas and offers a chance to learn about other people’s work”.