grantees » Devi Gunileima Heigrujam

Devi Gunileima Heigrujam, India

This  grantee is still in the process of completing her JWH Initiative grant work.

An innovative and confident Indian woman, Gunileima contributes her skills and enthusiasm to her work as secretary of the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD). CSD is an NGO that was founded in 1992 with the goal of promoting the use of organic agriculture as a means of rural development, poverty reduction, conservation of natural resources, economic prosperity, and empowerment of women. Gunileima spearheads the project implementation committee of CSD, working hard at the grassroots level to organize, motivate and educate project stakeholders in bolstering project success and public support. A notable project success is a program concerning the conservation of agro-biodiversity in mountain areas of India, funded by the Forest & Ecology Department of the Government of Manipur, in which Gunileima helped educate ten tribal villages in shifting agricultural practices from harmful slash and burn techniques to more sustainable crop production practices. Always eager to learn from colleagues, friends, and mentors, Gunileima works hard to ensure that she is consistently building her knowledge base within her field.

Gunileima believes that a command of the English language will be indispensable in her work as an environmental leader; therefore, she plans to use her JWH Initiative grant for this venture by attending classes at the British Spoken English Academy in Imphal-Manipur. Additionally, she will attend a course in mountain ecology and biodiversity management at the Central Agricultural University (CAU) in Iroishenba to enhance her theoretical grasp on related issues, as well as organize a workshop on campus to share technical knowledge, concept development strategies, and fundraising initiatives with NGOs working in her field of expertise. Gunileima truly believes this JWH Initiative grant support will be the springboard she needs to start her career in making huge differences in the field of environmental sustainability within India.

Nominated by

Bolai Singh, CDO India.