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Dzifa  Kumaga, Ghana

Policy advocacy is one of the strategic tools the Development Institute (DI) depends on to get duty bearers aware of developmental issues confronting communities and for policy change. As Dzifa is aspiring to be a good advocate and wants to enhance DI’s work in the environment and natural resources sectors, she needs to acquire the skills to that effect.

Dzifa’s ambition is to become an expert in the use of advocacy tools to able to provide advocacy support in the areas where it is needed and knowledge about how to transfer such skills to communities DI works in. Dzila also aims to become an excellent communicator in articulating environmental issues to stakeholders for a policy change towards sustainable development.

In the first place the Joke Waller Hunter grant will enable her to conduct a practical training in the fields of biodiversity conservation and community led biodiversity monitoring. Secondly she can take part in a practical training with respect to policy advocacy, immersion in the processes involved in advocating for policy change led by the people at the grass roost level, and to take note of the processes involved in and how to build the capacity of the communities so that they can identify the advocacy issues and tools needed to engage key stakeholders.

Nominated by

Ken Kinney Development Institute Ghana.