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Kazi  Pasha, Bangladesh

Over 12 years ago, Kazi fell into the development sector and was lucky enough to have Ashraf-Ul-Alam Tutu a Bangladeshi independence freedom fighter and environmental activist as his mentor. Though he didn’t know it at the time, working with the late Ashraf, would mold him into what he is today – a driven social and environmental activist. Kazi grew up, lives and now fights for sustainable development in the Khulna district of Bangladesh. This coastal district in the southwest is low lying and extremely vulnerable to climate change, natural disasters and water logging.  Through the Initiative for Right View Kazi works to initiate sustainable environmental development and community empowerment. He says, “we learn from the environment and keep communication with communities to better understand and utilize their wisdom for environmental conservation.” 

Using the JWH Initiative grant, Kazi was able to achieve so much. Initially, the grant helped him complete his Masters in Development Studies at the Khulna University. As a graduate he then went on to skill up and complete two courses; one in leadership and management and the second in spoken English using the International English Language Testing System. However, he still felt the need to increase his competencies to face the challenges regarding the environment and ultimately enrolled onto a practical course in community based biodiversity management hosted by UBINIG.

Kazi saysI hope to expedite my future career for the sake of environmental conservation and human rights.” If Ashraf were still with us today, he’d be very proud of all that Kazi has gone on to achieve!

Nominated by

Kudrat E Kabir  Bangladesh.