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Koffi Apedjagbo, Togo

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH Initiative.

With a background in geography and climatology, Koffi is keenly aware of the challenge our world faces in addressing global climate change. Although Koffi is an active participant at the international level in addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation (he attended the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) in Durban, South Africa, and plans to attend the next COP in Doha, Qatar), he applies his experience locally as the Climate Change Policy Officer at Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement Togo (JVE-Togo). There, Koffi is in charge of climate change projects and research related to local energy, disaster reduction, adaptation, and mitigation strategies.   

Koffi would like to strengthen his capacities as a professional and as a leader, and he will use his JWH Initiative grant to do so. Koffi feels his career will benefit greatly from courses he will take at the Institut dápplications et de Vulgarisation en Sciences in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The courses are designed to address the issues of food security, disaster risk management, and disaster warning systems as they relate to climate change risks. Koffi specifically wants to explore these issues through the lens of urban environments, and he hopes to be able to deliver these strategies to communities in a successful, participatory way.


Nominated by

Kameti-Ati Dodzi:  Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement (JVE):  Togo.