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Laofang  Bundidterdsakul, Thailand

As a legal assistant at the Development Center For Children and Community Network (DCCN) in Thailand, Laofang counsels local communities on their rights to use and protect the land on which they live. The resourcefulness and ardor displayed by Laofang is not only striking but also necessary in his line of work, as he often works on difficult legal cases defending vulnerable populations against large companies that are abusive to the environment. While providing legal support, Laofang simultaneously raises awareness among communities about issues of sustainability, thus increasing the capacity of the locals to manage their resources well and benefit from the services provided by surrounding ecosystems.

With his JWH Initiative grant, Laofang sought further education on the issues of environmental law and policy. He conducted a legal apprenticeship at Protection and Recovery of Local Community Rights and a court watch at Human Rights Lawyer Association (HRLA), where he practiced prosecution skills focusing on protection of the environment and indigenous populations. Laofang was also able to attend training, conferences and campaigning programs through the Land Reform Network of Thailand, where he learned techniques to propel forward the field of environmental policy within Thailand. Laofang says of his JWHI grant experience that “this grant stressed to me that I am doing what I should do”. As a lawyer, he feels that litigation is the tool he uses for his personal contribution to the local people and environment. 

Laofang’s upcoming plans include continuation of his admirable efforts at DCCN. He will keep advocating legally for villages and campaigning to local governments for environmental protection. His dream for the future is to improve his strategic litigation even further, so he can help be a part of the solution to the world’s struggles regarding natural resource management and human rights protection.




Laofang Bundidterdsakul

Nominated by

Mr. Santiphong Moonfong:  Development Center For Children and Community Network (DCCN):  Thailand.