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Lorena  Terrazas, Bolivia

As an advisor at the Central de Pueblos Indigenas del Norte de la Paz organisation, Lorena works to defend the rights of indigenous people of Bolivia and to protect the delicate local environment. Lorena has successfully increased awareness and involvement of the Bolivian government and the World Bank in issues concerning environmental impacts and violation of the rights of indigenous populations during implementation of megaprojects like roads, hydropower dams, and oil exploitation in the Amazonian region.

Lorena used her JWH Initiative grant to follow an English course for six months, helping her communicate with young international leaders. Ready to expand her network, Lorena then attended the Rio +20 Conference where she made many connections with young environmental leaders from around the world who are working on similar issues with indigenous populations in their own countries. Lorena also expanded her knowledge of the United Nations and how the organisation plans to tackle environmental problems in the future.

Lorena’s increased knowledge has contributed to her ability to propose ideas and implement projects to strengthen the youth of her country. Furthermore, the experience has helped her cooperate more effectively with many individuals and youth groups working on social and environmental issues within the UN. Lorena sees herself now as working on these issues from a “more academic perspective, and from an international level”. Looking back at her experience, Lorena reminds us of the value of perseverance as she tells us to “fight for your dreams”.


Lorena Terrazas

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