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Madjé Kpogo, Togo

Madjé is a Togolese sociologist with a long history of commitment to sustainable development in the face of climate change. She has never shied from engaging outreach activities for the Togolese, from cleaning sewers and promoting environmentally-friendly cooking methods to encouraging women to breakdown traditional practices that demoted them. As a Programme Associate for AFHON, she actively researched, wrote, pursued and managed project proposals, always incorporating her sociological expertise.

Madjé’s natural curiosity has always pushed her to search for greater understanding. With the help of the JWH initiative, she participated in two research studies, focusing on the inclusion of gender in the management of biodiversity and the evaluation of public knowledge and capacities. This helped her to become aware of the major issues, difficulties and needs facing developing countries for sustainable development. She also followed an English course, which has made it easier for her to follow the international discourse on climate change. As a follow-on to that, Madjé could attend two international meetings to witness first-hand how climate negotiations occur, and to represent her organization at an international level. Overall, “I can now better understand how environmental issues are critical to the survival of all nations.She has gained the knowledge, confidence, and recognition to match her already-glowing dedication and stewardship. Today, Madjé works with the organization Caritas Togo, actively implementing and monitoring sustainable development projects,  and encouraging the inclusion of environmental considerations.  She hopes to continue to improve her abilities to manage green development projects in order to be of service.



Tel: +228 90 14 86 23