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Maggie  Mwape, Zambia

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH Initiative.

Maggie is a rising star in the environmental community in Zambia. She is a motivational example of a young leader and has built quite a repertoire as an advocate for environmental justice.

Inspired by Kofi Annan and his call for African youths to participate in the climate change dialogue, she began working with Green Enviro-Watch in 2010. As a project coordinator at Green-Enviro Watch, she led over 250 fellow Zambian youths to the First Youth Conference on Climate Change in Lusaka. Just a year later she co-founded the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) in Zambia. The CEJ strives to provide equal access to quality information on environmental governance, social accountability on extractive industries, waste management and climate change advocacy. She develops projects for the community, oversees research reports and manages community partnerships. In addition, Maggie writes a personal blog, which is dedicated to raising awareness on environmental justice.

She will use her JWH Initiative grant for two courses at the North-Western University in South Africa. First, she will follow the Voices of Mining Community Training course. The course will provide tools including how to map the impact of mining on local communities, analysing the causes of injustice and negotiation strategies between government and mining companies. In the second course, Corporate Social Responsibility for Extractive Industries, she hopes to learn about CSR best-practices and the role of government and civil society for extractive industries in Zambia. 

Nominated by

Boniface Chishala Mumba:  Centre For Environment Justice (CEJ) .