grantees » Martín Sebastián Orecchia

Martín  Sebastián Orecchia, Argentina

Martin is an Argentinian activist, dedicating his time and talents to tackling sustainability issues in South America. He currently works as the general team coordinator at Taller Ecologista, an NGO created in 1985 that works on environmental issues to promote sustainable societies that can offer current and future generations an equitable life in harmony with nature. In conjunction with Taller Ecologista, Martin works primarily on awareness campaigns, research, public policy action, workshops, and material production and distribution regarding socio-environmental conflicts in the region. Within his field of work, Martin’s main interest lies in sustainable solar energy. 

Martin shows great potential as a leader, as he displays a wonderful predisposition to encourage teamwork across disciplines and within organizations. In order to further develop these characteristics, Martin used his JWH Initiative grant to participate in a myriad of activities. Martin attended various courses on subjects including cyber-activism and socio-environmental action tools, online mapping and citizen participation, solar equipment, and English. These courses have greatly enhanced his knowledge on environmental topics. Martin has also put this theoretical knowledge to use on an interactive stage when he attended the Rio +20 conference in Rio de Janeiro, and participated in various solar fairs including the Solar Cities Network. These activities have developed his capacity to actively participate in national and international meetings where he can act as a representative of his organization. In adding a practical component to his development with the JWH grant, Martin even participated in the installation of 15 thermic solar panels, giving clean energy to companies he has gotten well-acquainted with.

 Martin has grown into an environmental leader over the course of his development with the JWH Initiative on a national level. He has become a more effective proponent of renewable energy within academic circles. Furthermore, his knowledge has earned him intermediary status between Taller Ecologista and the different actors his NGO works with.