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Mikaela  Vouilloz, Argentina

Mikaela is a young environmental educator with a love for nature and a passion for teaching; who tells us that when I was five I said when I grow up I will study biology to care for the animals.” Her love for nature combined with her dedication to teach others, led her to set up the environmental NGO – Manitos Soñadoras (Dreaming Hands). It aims to involve individuals from deprived social backgrounds, in social and environmental regeneration programs and activities. As a co-founder she sits on the board but it’s outside the boardroom where she feels most at home, coordinating environmental education activities that target children at risk.

With the help of a JWH Initiative grant, Mikaela received the knowledge and tools she needed to successfully develop many of the ideas she had for Manitos Sonadoras. Over several months she attended courses in nature interpretation, science communication, and design, planning and coordination of environmental education. “It was amazing to take classes with renowned teachers with over 20 years of conservation and education experience“, said Mikaela, “honestly the contribution of their experience is invaluable… all the teachers were very attentive and they provided me with ideas for activities suitable for working with groups of low-income students. With all she had learned Mikaela went out and started running courses on bird watching, giving presentations and workshops dealing with environmental issues, and ultimately dreamed of, planned and built an organic vegetable garden, to show and train adults and children how to go about building their own. Though she has achieved so much Mikaela  says, My greatest achievement is winning the trust of parents and children visiting the education center…with patience and perseverance, people can replace their violent habits with love, health and education!”

Nominated by

Mariano Coscarella Alberto;  Global Greengrants Fund;  Argentina.