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Moussa  Diogoye Sene, Senegal

As a sustainable leader from Senegal, Moussa dedicates his time to climate change advocacy in West and Central Africa. His current endeavours and future plans prove that he will continue to aim high in his ambitions.

Currently, he is the Coordinator for the Climate Action Network West Africa (CAN WA), where he carries out the communication program and writes reports for national, regional and international platforms. Second, he is the Regional Facilitator of the Southern Voices Programme for West and Central Africa. This programme is an opportunity for civil society organisations in African countries to share learning experiences on climate change and build solutions on ecological sustainability and sustainable development. He recently coordinated Climate Advocacy Campaigns in Nigeria, Mali and Cameroon. Finally, he works with the Green Climate Fund and is in charge of climate finance issues.

In order to stay on the forefront of climate change and sustainability issues, Moussa is using his JWH Initiative grant to follow several courses. He will first follow an online training from the UNITAR Multilateral Diplomacy Programme, which will address climate change diplomacy and the social and environmental implications on sustainable development. Then he will study for his certification in Impact Studies and the Environment and Social Audit of Environmental Projects. Finally, he will attend a capacity building workshop on energy under climate constraints. These courses are bound to breathe inspiration in Moussa’s work and lead him to do even more as a sustainable leader.

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Emmanuel Seck:  Enda-Energie-Environnement-Développement .