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Muhamad Muslich, Indonesia

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH Initiative.

Indonesia’s very own Muhamad Muslich is a promising environmentalist from the city of Bogor. Aside from being a master student in conservation biology at the University of Indonesia, Muslich also works at Burung Indonesia (Birdlife Indonesia Association) since 2006. Burung Indonesia’s goal is to preserve Indonesian wild birds and the habitat they live in. At Burung Indonesia, Muslich helps implement conservation programs in Sumatra and Wallacea. In Bogor, Muslich works on data gathering and analysis on biodiversity conservation policy towards birds and their habitat. He also develops networks between stakeholders within the local community, the local government and researchers. Both his cooperativeness and love for nature have earned Muslich much praise from his colleagues.

Muslich’s academic interest in biodiversity rests on the hope of one day cooperating with local communities in conducting research on this subject, something he refers to as “citizen science”. The program will be initiated and cooperated with Ciliwung Community, a volunteer-based organisation that works in Ciliwung River.  Ciliwung Community aims to improve public awareness and participation on the conservation of the Ciliwung River. Muslich has been working with Ciliwung Community since 2009.

Before doing this, however, Muslich needs to improve his skills as a researcher. Muslich has already used his JWH Initiative grant to take “riparian ecology” courses at the University of Indonesia. The course has been rather enriching for Muslich; not only did he learn about the theoretical aspects of riparian ecology, he also did some cooperative research with communities near the Ciliwung River. Muslich will also take English courses in order to be able to research ecological papers in this language. Finally, Muslich will take part in mass communication courses. These courses will help him in effectively requesting support from the communities near the Ciliwung River and also to communicate the results of his research in a more interesting fashion. Muslich is clearly well on his way to becoming an even more valuable asset to his organisation and community as a whole.

Nominated by

Rita Mustikasari Telapak Indonesia.