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Prabighya Basnet, Nepal

This grantee is still in the process of their leadership development with the JWH Initiative.

Prabighya is a young Nepali environmental leader with great ambitions. Her international academic training in sustainable sciences and professional career in bio-engineering at the Swiss Development Cooperation for the District Roads Support Programme have set her up for a bright and promising environmental career. However, it is her personal passion for sustainable initiatives that really make her stand out from the crowd. She single-handedly started an organic farm in Nepal and now aims to create a living learning centre to showcase sustainable and low-impact living for local communities.

She aims to build positive change in Nepalese agriculture and agro-forestry fields, specifically focusing on the empowerment of women in sustainable development in Asia. She will use her JWH Initiative grant to learn more about sustainable living and farming practices. First, she aims to complete her certification in Permaculture Design. The certification will allow her to give courses on topics including organic food production, waste water treatment and agro-forestry. She will also visit eco-villages and other sustainable living centres to exchange ideas and build her network. Then Prabighya will complete a one month internship with the India-based Navdanya Organization where she will learn about seed keeping and women empowerment in agriculture. 

Nominated by

Enrico Vidale: University of Padua Dep. TeSAF (Dept. of Land, Environmental, Agriculture and Forestry) .