grantees » Sandra Adéyêmi Akpéné Akua Freitas

Sandra Freitas, Togo

An economist by formation, Adéyêmi realized that the up-and-coming discourse on sustainable development needed greater focus. As a result, she is a pioneering Togolese woman focused on climate change adaptation and poverty reduction in the light of gender equality. Conscious of the difficulties in Togo with power shortages and limited access to computers, she never shies from a challenge, and strives to overcome all in her path. Joshua Forgotson, Senior Associate at ICF International, said: “Her dedication to addressing Togo’s environmental needs is unquestionable.”


Her first JWH grant enabled her to successfully complete an internship on the Energy, Environment and Development Program of ENDA Tiers Monde, in Senegal, where she focused on communications and learnt how to successfully fundraise. “It allowed me to understand the necessity for an integrated approach in finding solutions to face the current challenges in Africa.” She showed so much leadership potential that JWH awarded her a second grant, to complete a MA. in Environmental Diplomacy organized by the University of Geneva.


Consequently, she has developed an expertise that has allowed her to strengthen networks in West Africa, raise awareness and educate at both the national and regional levels. She has gained greater responsibility firstly within the Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA) advocacy team through WEDO, and has become the official technical advisor for climate negotiations to a group of 48 countries, and has started a subsidiary NGO called AFHON. Notably, Adéyêmi became the first woman in Togo to be a part of the National Communication Team on Climate Change, integrated in the Togolese Delegation for the UNFCCC, and was awarded and recognized for her work by the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN). She aspires to continue to improve her management capabilities and her knowledge of evidence-based methodologies, but especially to remain in touch with the new questions and answers arising for the negotiations of a global agreement on sustainable development.  She says: “The challenge in Africa is that we don’t always have the necessary tools to do things properly. My ambition is to contribute to an emerging class of young Africans who do have the tools and skills to effectively accomplish our goals.”



Tel: +228 90 29 95 29