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Saulbinus Lamin, Bangladesh

Saulbinus is currently the Research, Evaluation and Publication Coordinator at the Bangladesh Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK). Saulbinus has worked with BARCIK to produce publications on the climate crisis, advocacy of indigenous rights, and promotion of non-timber forest products.  He also carries out workshops for youthful community members, particularly within the Sundarban region, interested in contributing to the environmental movement in Bangladesh. Here he shares information regarding climate change and the rights of the community to preserve their environment. His studies have helped the region work towards the conservation of both the community livelihoods and the environment.   

A very motivated young leader, Saulbinus says that, “the learning process of humans never ends! Every day humans learn from their surrounding, from people, organizations, and institutions and even from nature.” Saulbinus wanted to develop his facilitating skills and become knowledgeable on environmental topics that will help him motivate local youth. Through his JWH grant, Saulbinus took English courses so he could improve his language skills to be up-to-date on current environmental news and literature, and participate in international conferences.  Furthermore, he participated in two exposure visits- one to the Khasi Student Union in India, and another to three NGO’s in Nepal, in order to gain insight from other projects concerning environmental degradation an its effects on indigenous populations. Lastly, Saulbinus took a course on Research Methodology in order to improve his researching skills and write better reports. Saulbinus believes that this grant was the platform he needed to burgeon into a confident leader ready to initiate movements with the younger generation towards societal welfare and environmental sustainability in Bangladesh. A further achievement of Saulbinus concerns the wonderful encounters he has had throughout his travels. Saulbinus wisely reminds us that “Building networks with like-minded organizations and even individuals is now treated as one of the most important strategies to get our things done in a proper way”.