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Udit Bhatta, Nepal

Enthusiastic and creative in nature, Udit is an outstanding teacher of science and environmental studies from Nepal. In just eight years, he has grown from a student to vice principal within the Vajra Academy. Udit has been instrumental in developing a special curriculum called “Green Studies” at the academy and plans to publish a book on this topic with a group of teachers. The curriculum seeks to foster environmental consciousness by incorporating sustainable thinking into school projects and classroom life. For example, the school is a polybag free zone, meaning no plastic bags are allowed on campus. He widened the scope of this initiative and started a large-scale program to ban plastic bag usage in Kathmandu. The first phase of this program is called the Rope Project, where rope is made out of thrown away plastic bags. His unique approach to learning and his commitment to environmental conservation are commendable.

Udit has been awarded a JWH Initiative grant to visit green schools and organisations in India, as well as attend a conference in Indonesia. One stop on his “green tour” in India was the Muni Sewa Ashram in Gujarat. There he visited the solar system used to cook for more than 1000 people and the solid waste management system which generates bio-gas from organic wastes. Second, Udit attended and gave a presentation on green education at the International Conference on School Effectiveness and Improvement. He was an inspiration to other educators from around the world, but found his own inspiration through debates and discussions. His conference take-away lesson is to “always keep open to learning because problems cannot be solved by the same level of mind set that created them…” He has stayed true to these words in his current activities, including conducting a survey amongst the local government, women and micro-finance groups for a solid waste management community programme. Since finishing his JWHi grant, he has gained further presence on the international scene and hopes to become a nationally and internationally recognised environmental lobbyist. His message to young environmental leaders is inspiring as he says, “We don’t begin when we’re experts. Rather, the small things we undertake as a beginner but with zeal and enthusiasm is what leads us in the process of becoming expert. What we do brings us opportunities, so let’s be a part of seemingly small changes that happens around us. The motivation lasts long only if it’s from in within and we see that everything’s interrelated, so let’s begin with internal motivation, the learning will gradually occur along the way.”




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