Angeline Kaye De Vera


Meet Angeline Kaye De Vera, a passionate and hard-working student from the Philippines. She serves for AGHAM Youth, a student organization established in March 1999. This organization is founded to advance for renewal in advocacy for the development and utilization of science and technology. AGHAM Youth continuously reflects the broader public and serves the broad masses of the people with five main topics: Environment, food security, public utilities, national scientific research, and national industrialization.
Angeline is the head of the Environment Concerns Committee. She creates environmental campaigns and programs and researches related environmental issues for people at the grassroots level.

As for her experiences, these show that Angeline is a spirited young leader. For example, she fulfills for the University of the Philippines-Manila several leadership roles like environment, science & technology counselor, and chairperson for the University Student Council. Besides these roles, she is extremely active and holds several other positions at her University.

Outstanding is her thesis: “Mining is Mine: Probing Chinese Mining Companies and their Multi-sectoral Effect on Philippine Communities.” This thesis got nominated for the best thesis at her University. As of her work in AGHAM Youth, she plays an active role in forwarding and confronting the country’s critical environmental issues. Angeline is at the forefront of the youth movement for the assertion of our right to environmental protection and people’s rights to judicious use of environmental resources.

Angeline is already involved in several environmental issues and is aware of the urgency of preventing the rapid destruction of the climate. That is why she has set her mind in developing her skills in reviewing and creating policies concerning the environment and people. Eventually, she wants to gather support for these policies by lobbying with local government leaders.
As a means to achieve this, she used the grant to pursue continuing education in the field of environmental law. Additionally, she aims to widen her knowledge of the pressing issues of the environment at the global and national levels by participating in seminars, training, immersions, and fieldwork to help achieve her goal.

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