Bilal Pandow


As a co-founder and Director of the South Asian Voluntary Association of Environmentalists since 2007, Bilal has dedicated his career to addressing the urgent environmental challenges facing the region. As someone from South Asia, where ecological degradation is a pressing reality, he is deeply motivated to reinforce efforts towards conservation and climate justice. Recognizing the critical need for action, their initiative operates in a firefight mode, responding to the rapid depletion of ecological assets with a sense of urgency.

In addition to his role at SAVAE, Bilal has been actively involved in regional cooperation initiatives aimed at water resource conservation and environmental preparedness for natural disasters, which have become all too common in the region.

Thanks to the support of the Joke Waller Hunter grant back in 2012, he has had the opportunity to deepen his understanding of environmental issues and connect with communities on the ground. This fellowship has enabled him to attend workshops and courses focused on water conservation and disaster management, and to contribute to international publications such as The Diplomat and Geopoliticalmonitor Intelligence Corp. Furthermore, it has allowed him to engage closely with communities affected by natural disasters, providing valuable insights into their needs and challenges.

Looking towards the future, Bilal's dream is to continue serving humanity by promoting peace and freedom through environmental conservation and sustainable development. The JWH grant has played a crucial role in shaping his journey, connecting him with like-minded individuals and equipping him with the skills and knowledge needed to effect meaningful change. He is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the collective effort to safeguard the planet for future generations.

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