Carla Bajonero Bedoya


Carla considers the grant as an opportunity to train herself further in themes around regenerative design and agro-ecology from a systems perspective that is not widely practiced in Colombia.  The courses she’s chosen would give her the opportunity to develop herself and find inspiration in practitioners and places that are exemplary in their practices around sustainable and regenerative ecosystems, with over 20 years of experience. She’s a leader who believes that global issues, especially those associated with sustainability, should be approached from various perspectives that get at the root cause. By arriving to these truths, Carla believes we can avoid confusing the effects with the real essence of the problem. Carla firmly believe that an interdisciplinary approach allows us to generate more viable solutions. Solutions that are grounded in economic, social and certainly environmental factors.

Leadership Objectives

To learn how to lead in an assertive way with interdisciplinary teams that consist of specialists of economic, social and environmental fields.

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