Dorn Bouttasing


Meet Dorn Bouttasing, a proven environmental leader from Laos. She is a CEO and founder of GCV, Green Community Volunteers. Various volunteers and indigenous women work for GCV, and they provide coaching and workshops to grassroots and youth. Their focus is to raise awareness around environmental change and educate its impact on livelihoods in communities. GCV shares cultural traditions, indigenous knowledge, and creative solutions like storytelling & film, all with a strong focus on land rights and food security.

Dorn Bouttasing organizes and leads groups of youths and environmental volunteers for several years. She is in direct contact with communities and local actors and has an ability to inspire youth and local women to start their initiative for livelihood improvement. In the past, she advocated through several films-projects like “LET’s LOVE” (LGBT Advocacy short-film), “The River Changes from Community Views” (Ou River Documentary) and “Lives of the Ou River”.
Besides all this, Dorn Bouttasing raises dialogue on the impacts of hydropower dams on Laos’s local communities.

For many years, Dorn Bouttasing is working on storytelling, advocating, and making documentary films. She acquired quite some experience with filming, directing, and story writing. However, editing is the most expensive and challenging part of the process. Therefore, she wishes to develop her editing film and scriptwriting skills. Ultimately, she wants to use the grant to educate herself on these topics.
Once she learns these new skills, she plans to pass them on to indigenous and other communities, particularly women and youth.

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