Fatoumata Mbodji


Fatoumata Mbodji is currently serving as the Communications and Advocacy Officer for the NGO Lumière Synergie pour le Développement (LSD). Based in Senegal, her organization operates across the West African sub-region, focusing on monitoring projects financed by the African Development Bank. In her role, Fatoumata ensures that the bank's environmental and social safeguard policies are upheld in project implementation.

A significant part of Fatoumata's work involves overseeing fossil fuel-based energy projects, recognizing their implications for climate change. She also collaborates with women from the Saloum Delta, who are affected by the Sangomar oil and gas project in Senegal. Through initiatives such as mangrove conservation and restoration, Fatoumata supports their resilience against climate change, safeguarding biodiversity in Senegal.

For the past three years, Fatoumata has led a campaign against the financing of new fossil fuel projects by the African Development Bank, aiming to revise its outdated energy policy. She conducts advocacy work with local women, empowering them with knowledge on climate change and justice, as well as digital literacy skills to amplify their voices.

With the JWH grant, Fatoumata plans to pursue a Master's degree in Digital Communications at the Institut Supérieur de Management in Dakar during the 2024/2025 academic year. She hopes to enhance her skills in designing digital strategies for future campaigns advocating for climate justice in Africa and the Global South. Additionally, Fatoumata sees this opportunity as a means to expand her network and maximize the impact of her work with women in Senegal.

Fatoumata's dream is to empower young female activists from climate-affected communities in her region by providing them with advocacy training. By amplifying their voices, she aims to advocate for a fair and equitable energy transition in Africa.

This leadership support has been made possible by the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

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