Glenda Mangia


Tell us about yourself: I am Glenda Inés Mangia, I am 25 years old, I am a Bachelor of Nutrition and environmentalist, of Argentine nationality. My motivation for the care of the environment and environmental education arose in adolescence and was due to the concern that generated me the deterioration that human beings were making to the planet Earth. There I joined the NGO of young environmentalists “Ecoclub Paraná” and it was there that I realized that there was much to do worse that we were also more and more people worried about the care of the planet. That gave me the strength to continue learning, educating children and adults on issues related to climate change and currently I do it from my professional exercise as a nutritionist.

What did you do with the JWH grant? With the JWH scholarship I am doing a Graduate Course on Plant-Based Food, another course on Sustainable Food and finally I will do a course on Nutritional Couching to improve my communication and leadership skills. I was also able to compare a notebook to work on and give workshops on environmental and nutritional education.

What has the leadership development program brought you? The scholarship provided me with knowledge, tools and skills both personal and professional that allow me to promote a low environmental impact diet along with agroecology as a productive model that contributes to climate change mitigation. Both plant-based food and agroecology are key elements in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is your dream? My dream for the future is that all people have environmental sensitivity and lead a sustainable life to ensure both human and planetary health. To this end, I hope that all people will have a plant-based diet as the predominant food standard and that governments will bet on the development of sustainable food systems and agroecology as the dominant productive model.

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