Indika Rajapaksha

Sri Lanka

Meet Indika from Sri Lanka, a highly dedicated Environmental Officer at the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ). CEJ is a national environmental organization that pushes for sustainable environmental governance and environmental justice. Indika supports the activities of CEJ in environmental litigation, scientific research, and policy advocacy. The organization is well-established and part of an extensive international environmental network.
In 2015, Indika graduated in Applied Sciences from the University of Sabaragamuva in Sri Lanka. With his acquired knowledge, he is skilled in handling diverse environmental issues and is always looking for more opportunities. What will be next?

Indika is also responsible for investigating environmental issues and complaints. These tasks involve working together with legal officers, providing scientific evidence to the court and government agencies, attending scientific forums, speaking up and raising awareness, and participating in press conferences for CEJ. During his time working at CEJ, he has worked with various CSO & government sectors on over 50 environmental issues, including pollution, deforestation, industrial pollution, sound pollution, wetland related issues, mining-related issues, and more.

Now, Indika is looking for opportunities to take his environmentalist passions to the next level. He wants to increase his capacity to handle more diverse environmental issues. His vision is to be more credible in specific topics, become more professional in his field, and look for international communities and advocacy opportunities. Here is were JWHI jumped in, acknowledging Indika as a leader by granting him the opportunity to advance his knowledge of the field. With a grant, Indika is pursuing a master’s degree in Science in Environmental Management in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

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