Manashree Newa


Tell us about yourself: I am Manashree Newa from Nepal. Currently, I am working as the Programme Associate for the SANDEE network at ICIMOD. Contributing to environmental issues has been my interest from a very young age and I feel happy to be fulfilling that childhood dream in different capacities. With each new experience and each passing year, I can feel my knowledge expanding. This is a huge motivation for me.

What did you do with the JWH grant? With the JWH grant, I visited 6 waste management (focusing on e-waste management) companies and organizations in Delhi, India. Interacting with the waste management professionals, I got a deep insight into how electronic waste is managed in India and also got an opportunity to analyze what we lack in Nepal. From the remainder of my grant, I completed my MBA degree, earning a specialization in Technology and Innovation.

What has the leadership development program brought you? JWH has brought in me the confidence to take up environmental leadership and believe in myself. From getting an opportunity to learn from experts working in waste management, to organizing my travel independently, to managing my finances, JWH grant has helped a lot in my self-development. The active JWH grantees network is an asset I am proud and lucky to have. The opportunities shared in the network really empowers me (and I am sure, everyone in the network too).

What is your dream? I dream of doing my best and dedicating my professional life to contributing to the environmental sector. I want to develop my skills in different aspects of the environment so that I can in turn contribute to the environment.

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