Maria Reyes


My name is Maria Reyes from Puebla, Mexico.

What did you do with the JWH grant? With the support of the JWH grant I have been able to purchase a camera and basic filming equipment, enroll in photography and journalism classes, as well as improving my proficiency on foreign languages, this has boosted my capacities and skills to dive into climate communications and documenting the impacts of the climate crisis over the land and Human Rights of communities in my region.

What has the leadership development program brought you? With the support of the JWH grant I have been able to acquire photography and documenting skills, with an emphasis on photo journalism, I have also been able to acquire practical knowledge from experienced community journalists reporting from the frontlines of the climate crisis in Mexico. At the same time, this grant has enabled me to gain proficiency on English and French, as well as starting to learn Arabic, important languages for continuing my international advocacy on climate justice matters. Lastly, I have been able to purchase books from radical Black and Brown writers sharing insights about rest as a form of resistance, collective accountability strategies and revolutionary movements in the Western Asia and South America.

What is your dream? My dream for the near future is that BIPOC and frontline climate justice activists can take control over the way we communicate our stories of impact and resistance, that our pens write the main cover stories and our voices lead the mainstream narratives. I dream of a world where our intersectional visions are valued and centered, and where we have the same opportunities to make our collective stories known.

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