MBA MBIA Danielle


MBA MBIA Danielle, based in Cameroon, is an environmental engineer dedicated to advocating for green development and protecting communities' rights. Currently affiliated with Green Development Advocates, a Cameroonian civil society organization overseeing the IFI Synergy Cameroon platform, Danielle focuses on assisting communities affected by the construction of the Nachtigal dam in Cameroon to assert their rights.

At Green Development Advocates, Danielle supports communities in drafting complaints and lodging them with the World Bank's Office of the Ombudsman, the inspection panel, and the African Development Bank's independent appeal mechanism. Engaged in negotiations as part of the mediation process, Danielle aims to restore communities' standard of living and highlight the failure of international financial institutions to uphold social and environmental safeguards in development projects in Cameroon.

With the support of the JWH scholarship, Danielle aims to enhance her English language proficiency, enabling her to communicate effectively with English-speaking civil society organizations and partners during her work placement. She plans to utilize the grant to enroll in English classes, improving her communication skills and fostering openness in her work.

Danielle's dream is for the Congo Basin to remain lush and green, providing a healthy environment for future generations to thrive in. Through her dedication to environmental advocacy and community empowerment, she strives to contribute to the preservation of this vital ecosystem.

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