MBA MBIA Danielle


Tell us about yourself: My name is MBA MBIA Danielle and I live in Cameroon. I'm an environmental engineer and I work at Green Development Advocates, a Cameroonian civil society organisation that coordinates the IFI Synergy Cameroon platform. I'm currently helping communities affected by the construction of the Nachtigal dam in Cameroon to claim their rights. We supported the communities to draw up a complaint and lodge it with the World Bank's Office of the Ombudsman, the inspection panel and the African Development Bank's independent appeal mechanism. I'm currently involved with the communities in negotiations as part of the mediation process, so that they can regain their standard of living. The aim of this work is to show the international financial institutions' failure to respect social and environmental safeguards when setting up development projects in Cameroon.

What do you hope the JWH grant will bring you? With support of the JWH scholarship, I hope to be able to speak and write English fluently and strengthen the partnership with an English-speaking civil society organisation where I will be doing my work placement.

What are you planning to do with the grant? With the JWH grant I'm going to do English classes to improve my expression so that I can communicate better with our various partners and be more open in my work.

What is your dream? My biggest dream is for the Congo Basin to remain green so that future generations can live in a healthy environment.

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