Nang Shining


Shining, a Shan woman with a radiant spirit and a profound commitment to ethical and sustainable river management, epitomizes the fusion of passion and purpose. Transitioning to Thailand marked a pivotal juncture in her journey, igniting her fervor for environmental advocacy. As an alumnus of Earthrights International School, she delved into engaged advocacy for equitable development, culminating in a Master's thesis scrutinizing the implementation of corporate social responsibility policies for dam projects in Myanmar.

Empowered by the JWH initiative grant, Shining fortified her academic pursuits, gaining insights into Corporate Social Responsibilities and trans-boundary cooperation dynamics. Her gratitude for the grant underscores its role in shaping her trajectory. Today, she integrates her roles as an educator, translator, and environmental activist at Earthrights International School, spearheading projects that nurture conscientious stewards within communities.

Shining's vision extends beyond personal achievement; she aspires to champion environmental human rights advocacy and effect systemic change in Myanmar's policy landscape. With unwavering dedication, she embodies the transformative potential of education and advocacy, safeguarding our planet's precious resources for future generations.

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