Nguyễn Thanh Hòa


Meet Nguyen Thanh Hoa from Vietnam, born and raised in the Mekong Delta. An enthusiastic young man who aspires to be an environmentalist and already witnessed numerous environmental problems such as water scarcity, plastic waste, and climate change from an early age. During his degree in Environmental Management, he started working on improving the environment by organizing creative projects to solve environmental issues. Besides his study, he participated in environmental and social activities as much as possible. In 2018 he spoke at an event in Can Tho City called “Rise For Climate.” Currently, Nguyen Thanh Hoa is a member of the Mekong Delta Youth (MDY). MDY moves and invites youth to develop their capabilities and create opportunities to share and realize their ideas and projects.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa is actively participating in group management and organizing the activities. Together with his strong passion and determination, he succeeds in his work. For people in the Mekong Delta, he already organized over ten workshops to train and raise awareness of environmental issues. Furthermore, he created interactive games about ecological child rights, which transfers knowledge and experience between Cantho university students. He also created a Facebook fan page to raise awareness on environmental issues and start an online campaign.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa is striving for a healthy and sustainable environment with passion and personal and local knowledge. Alone this seems like a difficult task against big polluters as coal power plants, agriculture, and more. For example, he is witnessing significant impacts of a hydropower dam upstream on the Mekong Delta. Things like erosion, saline intrusion, and sometimes water scarcity are well known to Nguyen. He is looking for collective teamwork, local and global collaboration, and solutions. To take a step towards this vision, he wants to increase his capacity in several skills: English, communication, and fundraising. For this reason, he used a grant which supported him in gaining these leadership skills. He plans on participating in an international event and study English for better communication and advocacy.

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