Njogu A. Mungai


Njogu A. Mungai is a dedicated advocate for climate justice and youth empowerment from Kenya. As a participant in the PSAMY Project of PELUM Kenya, he focused on promoting the adoption of agroecological principles and practices within communities as a robust strategy for climate change mitigation.

Since 2020, Njogu has been actively involved with a team of young climate enthusiasts in Kenya, co-founding the Community Environmental Youth Project. Through this initiative, they established Community Environmental Clubs (CEC-Clubs) in learning institutions, engaging youth in nature conservation, environmental sustainability, and leadership training. The club has successfully certified 27 young environmentalists across three groups since its inception.

In addition to his work with the Community Environmental Youth Project, Njogu is also a member of the YAFSAP-AFYA Movement, a growing African Youth and Food Sovereignty network.

With the JWH grant, Njogu plans to pursue a diploma course in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, along with professional certificates in NGO Management, and Resource Mobilization and Proposal Development from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He aims to enhance his skills in project planning, implementation, and management, as well as NGO management and resource mobilization.

Njogu looks forward to expanding his network of like-minded individuals from Africa and beyond, leveraging these connections to further his advocacy efforts and contribute to positive change in his community and beyond. His dream for the future is to utilize his newfound skills and knowledge to advocate for gender-responsive and youth-inclusive policies, fostering positive transformation at both the local and global levels.

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