Pragya Sherchan


Pragya Sherchan hails from Mustang, Nepal, representing the youth, women, and indigenous communities of the High Himalayas. Currently serving as a Programme Officer at Prakriti Resources Centre, she leads their Climate Change and Gender project. Pragya's focus lies in collaborating with community-based women's groups across Nepal, aiming to enhance their knowledge, capacity, and leadership. Together, they advocate for gender-inclusive climate actions at the local level, engaging with the government to implement these initiatives effectively.

Driven by the firsthand observation of her community's struggles with climate change, Pragya is dedicated to understanding and contributing to the conservation of mountain ecosystems. Her decision to enter this field stems from the urgent need to address the adverse impacts of climate change in her region.

With the support of the JWH grant, Pragya will be attending the Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystem and Resource Management in Hungary in September 2023. She anticipates that this opportunity will further her career trajectory towards building resilient mountain communities and ecosystems.

Pragya envisions that the leadership development program will broaden her understanding of mountain development and facilitate connections with experts and peers from diverse backgrounds who share the common goal of fostering resilient mountain ecosystems.

Her ultimate dream is for her mountain community to continue thriving in safe and sustainable environments, ensuring a prosperous future for generations to come.

Also check out Pragya's blog here.

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