Tell us about yourself: I am Rina. Since 2014 I have been actively working to advocate grassroot women’s rights with Solidaritas Perempuan (Womens’ Solidarity for Human Rights) in my hometown, South Sulawesi. Now I have become part of Solidaritas Perempuan’s National Secretary in Jakarta. Briefly, Solidaritas Perempuan (SP) is a feminist organization which works together with women in grassroot level, through intersectionality as an approach to identify the injustice that has happened. One of our main focuses is women and climate justice, where in several of our working areas women are facing huge climate projects such as Geothermal and Hydropower plants that are grabbing their land and excluding them from their ancestors’ land. They are also facing poverty and health problems.

What motivates me in joining climate works is that I believe everyone has the same right to clean air and water, farmers should not facing crops failure, human should not dying due to starving caused by climate crisis and state policy that are not take sides with community, women as the front line of forest and natural resource defender should not exclude from their root by the corporation interests.

What are you planning to do with the grant? I would like to develop my English skills. By having good capacity using English as a language, I could easily follow the global meetings, build networks with feminists from all over the world who also have the same focus on climate justice works and also help me to document and write the impact of climate crisis on women creatively.

What do you hope the JWH grant will bring you? Through JWH initiatives’ grants, I wish I could enhance more knowledge, build global networks in order to amplify womens’ voices globally.

What is your dream for the future? I have a dream that women are able to free themselves from oppressive systems and corporations that damage the environment are put on trial. My nearest dream is to participate in Global Asia Pacific Feminist Forum, where I could voice the struggle of women in the grassroot including their small victories in maintaining their livelihoods  from oppressive policy and corporate capture.

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