Sarmin Bristy


Sarmin is a passionate and dedicated professional with a strong academic background, holding both a BSc and MSc in Environmental Science from Khulna University. Over the past five years, her focus has been on GIS and remote sensing tools, particularly in analyzing change detection of occupational and settlement patterns for post-polarization in south coastal areas. Currently serving as a Lead Research Officer at CLEAN, her work revolves around policy advocacy and lobbying for renewable energy promotion and just transition in energy sectors, with a keen emphasis on climate change, sustainability, resiliency, human rights, and gender equality.

The Joke Waller Hunter (JWH) grant has been instrumental in furthering her education and skills development. Utilizing the grant, she has undergone research courses, honed her skills in Google Earth Engine, and taken courses in communication and leadership, including the Emcee and IELTS courses. Moreover, the grant has enabled her to conduct comparative analyses of solar power plant installations in Bangladesh and Indonesia, exploring differences in processes, permits, financial aspects, and operational dynamics.

Through the JWH grant, Sarmin has cultivated invaluable skills in research and leadership, empowering her to engage with diverse stakeholders and communities within her country and beyond. It has provided her with expertise in various facets of the energy sector and enriched her understanding of renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy. By leveraging this knowledge, she aims to motivate communities to transition towards sustainable energy practices, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels and fostering economic independence.

Looking towards the future, her dream is to continue exploring the untapped potential of solar energy in Bangladesh and other regions. The support from JWH has been pivotal in facilitating on-site visits to solar-based power plants and enhancing her skills in renewable energy research and analysis. This strategic partnership underscores a commitment to driving positive change and advancing sustainable development goals on a global scale.

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