Selvia Ayyu Netra


Selvia Ayyu Netra is a passionate advocate for gender justice and environmental preservation from Bengkulu, Indonesia. Currently serving as a Women and Extractives Officer at Genesis Bengkulu, she dedicates her efforts to empowering women's groups at the village level who are fighting to protect their land rights amidst environmental degradation caused by the extractive industry.

Selvia's work focuses on enhancing the capacity of these women's groups, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to articulate their voices and advocate for their rights effectively. Through her leadership in the Gender Justice and Economic Creative Division, she spearheads the development of various learning classes covering topics such as gender equality, land rights, sustainable village product development, and environmental conservation.

Through the Leadership Development Program of theJWH, Selvia has expanded her expertise and honed her skills beyond her initial expectations. She has discovered new strengths within herself and forged valuable connections with fellow activists from around the globe. These connections have not only enriched her professional development but have also expanded her network of support and collaboration.

Selvia's dream is to see the oppression of women and the environment overturned, with women actively participating in decision-making processes at all levels. She envisions a future where women are integral to building sustainable societies and prioritizing environmental ethics in economic activities. With women at the forefront of environmental justice efforts, Selvia believes that communities can thrive in harmony with nature, ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for all.

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