Selvia Ayyu Netra


Tell us about yourself: My name is Selvia Ayyu Netra and I am from Indonesia. I am a women and extractives speaker from Bengkulu and I work at the organisation Genesis Bengkulu in the Gender Justice and Economi Creative Division. My work entails improving the capacity of women groups at village level who are in a struggle to defend their land rights and are facing the environmental degradation caused by the extractive industry. I support these women to be able to express their own voice and thoughts. My main focus is to develop and enhance several learning classes. In this classes, I facilitate women’s group to learn a wide range of topics: gender, land rights, developing superior village products, campaigning tools, (counter-)strategies, environmental development, organizing, writing and application skills.

What has the leadership development program brought you? JWH gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills. Through the Leadership Development Plan, the skills and knowledge that I gained was beyond my previous expectations. I discovered many things within myself. Apart from that, JWH also facilitated me to meet young activist friends from all over the world. These friends became a network for me.

What is your dream? I dream that the oppression of the second body of a woman (the environment!) is overthrown, with women involved in every part of the decision making processes. Women are actors in building human civilization and driving forces in producing and reproducing the economy by prioritizing environmental ethics. In this way, no more damage occurs and women are no longer the ones who bear the brunt of the damage. Women have a significant role to play in efforts to maintain environmental justice, as food preservers and as providers of women's rights to a good and healthy environment.

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