Udit Bhatta


Udit Bhatta is a leader in the field of environmental sustainability from Nepal, where he has pioneered groundbreaking initiatives to address climate change and promote eco-conscious education. As the driving force behind Nepal's first green and eco-friendly school, Vajra Academy, Udit has championed innovative approaches to integrate environmental stewardship into the educational landscape.

Starting as a volunteer and rising to the role of Director at Vajra Academy, Udit has led campaigns for pollution control and spearheaded eco-friendly initiatives within local communities. His dedication to fostering international collaboration has seen him organize environment-themed 'eco-concerts' in Nepal, amplifying the message of environmental conservation on a global scale.

Under Udit's leadership, Vajra Academy has developed a dynamic curriculum and implemented high-school-centered environmental programs, empowering students to become agents of change in their communities. Most recently, Udit has embarked on a documentary project focusing on inspirational solar energy usage in Nepal, India, and the USA, showcasing the transformative potential of renewable energy.

Thanks to the support of the Joke Waller Hunter initiative in 2012, Udit has been able to expand his horizons, gaining valuable skills, knowledge, and networks in environmental work across India, Indonesia, and beyond. This has enabled him to initiate collaborations and lead large-scale environmental projects in countries like the Netherlands, India, and the USA, culminating in Vajra Academy being recognized as Nepal's first "Changemaker School" by ASHOKA.

In 2024, Udit is serving as a trustee of the Green School in Nepal and he continues to push the boundaries of environmental education, collaborating with geospatial scientists and engaging in a documentary projects aimed at fostering climate resilience: 'Family of the Sun'. His relentless dedication to creating a sustainable future serves as an inspiration to all those who strive for positive change.

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