Yawa Gertrude AZIZKOU


Tell us about yourself: I am Yawa Gertrude AZIZKOU from Togo. I am active in an agricultural cooperative that works in the field of agroecology and I am very passionate about safeguarding the environment. With the help of partners, I initiated environmental clubs in schools and an agricultural cooperative for the production of organic vegetables. Together with this cooperative, I have influenced other producers to adhere to our agroecological production techniques.

What did you do with the JWH grant? The JWH grant allowed me to strengthen my capacity, skills and knowledge in agroecological production techniques and the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides.

What has the leadership development program brought you? Besides the capacity, skills, knowledge mentioned above, winning this scholarship allowed me to discover other agroecological production centers and to be involved in a larger network of organic producers. Above all, here I am in the large network of beneficiaries of the JWH initiative!

What is your dream? My most ardent dream is to make my leadership more effective as an actor in the fight against environmental degradation.

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