The last river of Patagonia

About the documentary: El último río de la patagonia, created by Sofia Nemenmann:

A kayak journey through the last glacial river flowing freely in Argentine Patagonia. Threatened with destruction by a hydroelectric complex, the Santa Cruz River originates in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and flows into the Argentine Sea, giving life to the steppe. The voice of the river bears witness to a journey filled with emotions at the dizzying pace of the water. Four days of paddling, three nights of camping, 27 activists travel from different parts of Argentina, Germany, the United States, and Chile to meet the turquoise giant and paddle its 360 kilometers. Images of wild nature, a walk through the most inhospitable landscapes of the country, and a hundred curves that turn this glacial artery into a snake transporting nutrients and treasures. A journey. A cry. A spell for the freedom of rivers.

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