Women Land Ownership and Sustainability in Lesotho

Meet Reekelitsoe Molapo, visionary co-founder of Conservation Music Lesotho and Alternatives Co. 🎵🌱

Passionate about environmental advocacy, Rex is redefining the connection between music, sustainability and land ownership.In this inspiring video, Rex sheds light on the critical issue of land ownership for young women in Lesotho. She speaks passionately about the indispensable role of women in land and sustainability issues, emphasizing that women are already vital contributors to the productivity of the land.

Rex's insight resonates: When women own and manage land, they create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond themselves. Their efforts enrich communities, benefit the collective, and foster a stronger society.

A firm believer in our deep dependence on the land, Rex asserts that by caring for the land, we care for ourselves. Protecting the land is not just a responsibility; it's an investment in our well-being," she affirms.

Join Rex as she eloquently discusses the intersection of gender, land and sustainability. Her message underscores the urgent need to empower young women, embrace their stewardship, and protect the land that sustains us all.

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