Reekelitsoe Molapo


Reekelitsoe Molapo, a native of Lesotho, is an environmental activist and social entrepreneur who co-founded and directs Conservation Music Lesotho. Her organization utilizes the transformative power of music to address environmental challenges globally. Motivated by her passion for both the environment and people, Reekelitsoe believes that climate change presents one of the greatest threats to humanity and the planet today, second only to the current pandemic. Despite the severity of the situation, she remains optimistic about the possibility of positive change. Recognizing that those most affected by climate change often lack information and resources to build resilience, Reekelitsoe is dedicated to empowering frontline communities.

Through the JWH grant, she enrolled in a Grant Writing course, acquiring essential skills, and completed a 2-month internship with Greenpop, a prominent environmental nonprofit in Cape Town, South Africa, where she focused on fundraising and business development. This experience enabled her to enhance her leadership, project management, research, and fundraising abilities, providing valuable insights applicable to her role at Conservation Music Lesotho. Additionally, the grant facilitated networking opportunities and led to a consulting contract with a UK charity, leveraging her internship experience.

Reekelitsoe's ultimate aspiration is to expand her climate education efforts within her home country and beyond, aiming to become a recognized authority in sustainable development and climate advocacy, influencing policies and financing on a global scale.

Also check out Reekelitsoe's campaign video here.

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